Dalli-Click (picture guessing game) & song guessing game

Dalli-click (picture guessing game): Choose pictures and assemble them in PowerPoint. (Arrange animation so that gradually more and more of the chosen picture becomes visible).

Song guessing game: select songs, have a sequence of the song ready (do not always choose the beginning of the song, it might be too easy) & make a slide with facts about the song (artist, year, etc.) for each song.


  • Duration
    Short (up to 30 minutes)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    0 to 50 persons

This activity is suitable online.

Description Long

Dali-click: One of the facilitators shares their screen with the PowerPoint presentation. Another facilitator is the referee and keeps track of the points. There are two teams, when someone thinks to have recognised the picture, they call out their name...the team member is then asked to share their solution by the referee. This is continued in this way until all 5 pictures have been recognised correctly.


Song guessing: One of the facilitators shares their screen (IMPORTANT, audio must also be shared) and plays the selected song sequence. As before, another facilitator is the referee. The participants are asked to first call out their name when they think to have recognised the song. The song is briefly paused, and the participant can say their suggested solution. After each song that has been guessed correctly, the prepared "fact sheet" is shortly displayed and then the facilitator moves on to the next song.

The winning team is the one that guessed the most pictures and songs correctly.



-Choose images, not too easy / not too difficult


-Arrange images in PowerPoint with animation


-Select songs


-Prepare sequences of the songs

-Prepare slides with facts, for the solution


-Introduction: Form 2 teams, Inform the participants: Whoever thinks to know the answer, must first call out their name and wait for the referee to allow them to share their answer.




-Picture 1 - solution (solution with slide)


-Picture 2 – solution (solution with slide)


-Picture 3 - solution (solution with slide)


-Picture 4 - solution (solution with slide)


-Picture 5 - solution (solution with slide)




-Song 1 - solution with slide


-Song 2 - solution with slide


-Song 3 - solution with slide


-Song 4 - solution with slide


-Song 5 - solution with slide



-Add up the points, announce the winning team! (possibly give them a small prize)

Hints from experience

The “fact sheet” slide where you give the participants a few facts about the person or the song they are looking for, loosens up the turning point in a positive way.

Tools list

  • Computer/Laptop


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