What is becreate?

The becreate web platform supports you in planning and realising projects. Here, you will find a rich pool of methods and project phase types, which you can compile into projects and supplement according to your personal needs.

becreate offers three doors to designing projects: Innovation Workshops, Open Projects, and (inter)connected Media Projects.


Innovation Workshops

The Innovation Workshop is an essential tool when working within or outside of projects. On becreate.ch, you can design and realise standalone Innovation Workshops, and also plan workshops that have already been integrated into projects. Learn more about this here:

Innovation Workshop


Open Projects

An Open Project permits you to design the phase progression yourself. You have the option to integrate subprojects into the project schedule.

Learn more about this here:

Open Projects


(Inter)connected Media Project

In this kind of project, a film is created as a learning medium. During the planning and realisation, you will navigate through various project-typical phases, and orient yourself on a wide selection of film creation and publication methods.

(Inter)connected Media Projekt


The becreate Film Platform

The becreate film platform allows to share movies, to comment and to discuss them together online. Movies may be enhanced with a variety of knowledge assets. The platform is the central hub for all films that are created in the context of (inter)connected Media Projects. The film platform is based on the open source software FrameTrail.

Learn more about the hub, and about the concept of Hypervideos:

becreate film Platform

What do colours, project phases and methods mean?

The becreate platform helps to bring clarity to the specific project phases through consistent use of the same colours. You can recognise them by looking at existing project templates.

At becreate, we offer a structure that is open at first, and closed later. This approach creates depth and comprehensiveness.

Depending on the project type, each central part has matching phases. The colours enable you to recognise that they belong in a specific place within the fundamental structure. The colors blue and gree, for example, indicate a two-stage opening. Here, it is about the planning and conceptualisation, but also inspiration, generating of ideas, collection and spreading.

For example, in an open project, if you deviate from this structure and design the project structures yourself, the colours are still used and represented again and again: they are the signals for specific phases, and the methods and results that belong to them.