A sentence is formed from various terms drawn face down, which were recorded for a specific topic. (e.g. Time + Internet: The Internet is timeless).


  • Duration
    Short (up to 30 minutes)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    5 to 15 persons

This activity is suitable online.

Description Long

The terms that emerge from opening 1 are written down on cards according to the category and these cards are in turn covered up. This is done in the background so that the participants cannot cheat. If opening 1 results in no or too few terms, this can also be done now by an additional small opening method. The participants then turn over the cards in each category in turn. Once all the cards are revealed, the participants must form a set (or several). The sentence is then read aloud by everyone.




1. Prepare the platform for memory.


2. While opening 1 is running, write down the terms and cover them up at the same time.

3. Determine the order in which the participants will draw.


1. Instruction of the platform and the rules. 


2. One by one, call participants to turn over cards.

3. Once all cards are revealed, participants must form a set.

Hints from experience

On MURAL, each participant can reveal the cards. Keep track of manipulations and participants. (possibly share screen with all)

Tools list

  • Internet access


This method was developed by Hasibe Cakir, Peter Flavio, Dana Gasser, Patrick Kempf, Sonja Kramer and Andrin Steinmann, students of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, within the CreaLab Winterschool 2021.

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