Decision Matrix

This method is about the spontaneous rating of Ideas with the help of a decision matrix. With the help of different criteria the evaluation gives you a first estimation of the Ideas utility.


  • Duration
    Short (up to 30 minutes)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    1 to 20 persons

This activity is suitable online.

Description Long

Right after generating new ideas a first valuation can be made with the help of a decision matrix using different criteria. Therefore the team, lead by the moderator, assigns the ideas to a prepared matrix. Possible criteria could be "Wow-Effect", feasibility, effort, goal oriented etc. Each idea receives points that correspond to the criteria. For example feasibility, a high value means that the idea is realizable, whereas a low value means the opposite. Instead of the matrix you can also use a coordinate system (XY) to which you assign the criteria. Using this method allows you easily to judge over the degree to which the criteria are fulfilled. For this method each participant receives sticky dots, which they can place within the coordinate system. One colour stands for one Idea.



  1. Think about the criteria you want to use for the assessment.
  2. Decide how many points can be allocated.
  3. Matrix or coordinate system.


  1. Introduce the participants to the method.
  2. Decide on how many points can be distributed, or on the colours that stand for the ideas respectively.
  3. Evaluation of the matrix, coordinate system by the group. Are there tendencies or favourites?
  4. Ideas that are appealing could be further developed.

Hints from experience

If the ideas are written on Post-Its they can be placed directly on the coordinate system.

Tools list

  • Matrix, coordinate system on paper


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