Creative Prototype

Generating ideas through creative prototyping or also known as Rapid-Prototyping, allows free experimentation and creation of a product. To work with your hands means to understand. The goal is to create a simulation of an end product at an early stage, in order to gain better understanding of the object.


  • Duration
    Long (more than 1 hour)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    1 to 10 persons

This activity is not suitable online.

Description Long

To work with your hands allows you to clear your mind and be physically active. The active process and physical engagement when creating something has a satisfying effect on many people and often encourages creativity. The process of understanding by the means of your own hands can also lead to the recognition and understanding of complex contexts. The simple prototypes or functional models created show opportunities of new products and can lead to inspiration for new solutions. As an alternative you can also remodel or further develop already existing products. Through visualization, better understanding for the end product can be achieved and it allows a quick implementation of feedback. It is not about creating a finished product, it is about creating enough to test an idea.



  1. Think about the material you need to create the prototypes, e.g. modelling clay, aluminium foil, cardboard etc.
  2. Organize enough material and tools to work on the prototypes, e.g. scissors, cutter, hot glue, string, pencils etc.
  3. If necessary organize cutting mats or cover material for the protection of your working environment.


  1. Introduce the participants to the method and motivate them to feel free in the creation of their designs.
  2. Working phase. Creation of prototypes.
  3. Participants introduce their prototypes to the group.
  4. Prototypes are discussed in the group, and can be tested accordingly.
  5. If applicable the prototypes can be further developed or be on display.

Hints from experience

Make the participants aware of the fact that they are not creating a finished good.

Tools list

  • Arts and craft material
  • Surface protection material


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