This method is convenient to create many ideas and dump as much previous knowledge as possible through contiuous writing.

The pen is not to be lifted during this exercise, which aims to mitigate overthinking and following creative blockades.



  • Duration
    Short (up to 30 minutes)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    2 to 100 persons

This activity is not suitable online.

Description Long


- Create a calm atmosphere in order to avoid overstimulation because a lot of writing is done in a short amount of time.


- As many words as possible wich can be associated with a given question are being written on a piece of paper.

- Every thought has its place, it doesn't matter if they fit the theme or not.

- The pen is not to be lifted during the writing part.

- Subsequently the students receive some time to reflect on their thoughts and discuss them with their group.


Length of writing phase:    1-2 min per question

Length of reflexion phase: 5-7 min 


Tools list

  • Paper and pencil
  • Stopwatch


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