We want to detach ourselves from the issues we have discovered during the “turning point”. Our own problem will be analysed and solved by a different person. The solution will be formulated with the help of the 5 questions, what?, when?, who?, where? and how? 


  • Duration
    Medium (about 30-60 minutes)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    5 to 26 persons

This activity is suitable online.

Description Long

During the “turning point” the participants are asked to tackle a specific issue. (Example: do not use your hands during the break) 


The participants write down what issues emerged during the “turning point”. Every issue can only be written down once. The problems are then discussed in the group. 


The issues are passed on to a different person. The participants now have a new situation and need to search for a solution to the problem. By filling out the 5 questions the participants concretise the solution:    


What? (What can the solution do? Which features does it have?)  


When? (When is the solution useful? In which situations?)  


Who? (Whom does the solution help? Who are the stakeholders?)  


How? (How is the solution used? How can the solution support people?)  


The solutions to the questions will be documented in the template document or a piece of paper.  


Every participant presents their solution in front of the group. 




Online: prepare a template with the 5 questions and create a folder to upload the documents.  


Analogue: lay out post-it, pen and paper. Additionally, a template with the 5 questions needs to be prepared.



  1. Write down the issue  

  2. Present the issue in front of the group  

  3. Pass the issue on to a different participant  

  4. Develop solution 

  5. Specify the solution with the 5 questions  


     What? When? Who? Where? How?  


     6.  Present the solution in front of group  


Hints from experience

It is important that the participants analyse the issue from a different person, as they have already analysed their own issue and may already have some ideas for a solution.  


It is also essential that the situation is clear and that all aspects and questions are answered.  


For online workshops one can use Miro ( x


Tools list

  • Worksheets, prepared


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