Learning videos

Creating a video with learning content, result based notes and tutorials.


  • Duration
    Short (up to 30 minutes)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    1 to 100 persons

This activity is not suitable online.

Description Long

Learning videos are short films that present accumulated knowledge coherently. They are already an intrinsic media project, but can also be part of a larger one. Short learning videos are an excellent exercise for an ambitious media project. They can be integrated into a more significant film. 



Provide hardware and other material, choose and prepare a topic. A learning video, in the sense mentioned above, can also be started spontaneously.


It is not easy to compress intricate knowledge into a learning video. Audiovisual methods, for example, the placement technique described becreate, are particularly suitable. There are many methods of creating a captivating learning video: Fictitious dialogues, animated sequences and the combination of graphics and speaker are a few examples. 

Tools list

  • Arts and craft material


Document ‘Gute Lernvideos’: here


Document ‘Infos zur Erstellung eines Filmes Bern’: here

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