Lego Serious Play

Lego Serious Play (LSP) is a playful approach that utilises Lego bricks for team building exercises, to discover ideas or solve problems. The aim is to form ideas with your hands, so as to better understand and internalise them.


  • Duration
    Medium (about 30-60 minutes)
  • Complexity
  • Group size
    5 to 10 persons

This activity is not suitable online.

Description Long

Lego Serious Play (LSP) involves targeted eye-hand coordination specifically. The background of Lego Serious Play is a targeted address of hand-brain coordination. Since our hands are connected to 70-80% of our brain cells, thought processes are thought to lead to a deeper understanding through the connection with physical actions. Topics should not only be visualised – through active metaphorical building, they should become even more comprehensible – one thinks, so to speak, with one's hands. Last but not least, the advantages of playing, including emotional motivation and the resulting flow, are utilised.


Amongst other things, LSP serves to promote creativity, improve communication and better incorporate the knowledge of all the participants, to improve the joint understanding of everyone involved.



It is suitable for use during the association phase (Opening 2), in order to generate new ideas (question should still be somewhat unclear), and to help the participants to internalise the topic.


Plenty of LEGO/DUPLO bricks, and also figures – base plates are practical, but not essential.


LEGO sets are not the best option; loose bricks are more suitable for this task.



You can use this game for groups or for individuals. The ideal group size varies. In the following instructions, four to eight players are mentioned, and other instructions state that the game is for eight to twelve individuals. In either case, a moderator is required.


In most cases the process can be divided into three phases:


  • Challenge
  • Building
  • Exchange


Of course. there are numerous exercises and applications.


The explanation below the link explains basics, implementation and specific applications concerning the use of Lego Serious Play by yourself or in a group. The system can be expanded or individualised once it has been understood.

Hints from experience

This method is ideal for adaptation to specific questions and objectives.


Material: LEGO/DUPLO, most of us still have a box from our childhood.


Attention: Do not mix the different sets!

Tools list

  • Photo camera


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